Grace Arhin Events | FAQS
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with a wedding planner?
Why should I hire a wedding planner/coordinator?

A planner can save you time, energy, stress—and money. Your planner will be the go-to point person on your wedding day. The goal of a planner is to provide you with a wedding that meets your needs, fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. A planner can also assist you with the décor and theme development of your event and recommend vendors within your budget that can provide the services and products that you are looking for.

Let’s keep it real – Planning a wedding can be stressful but it does not need to be.  A Touch of Grace Events will provide you with a professional who can help you choose venues, vendors, answer etiquette questions, help with budgets and schedules, and attend to all the personal needs that wedding requires and so much more. A Touch of Grace Events will drastically reduce your wedding stress by managing and organizing all of the details on the day of the wedding so you can enjoy yourself. We would be thrilled to help you!

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner oversees the logistical elements of hosting a wedding, and assists with breaking up the planning into phases, so that it is manageable and less overwhelming for the bride and groom. A Touch of Grace Events gets to know their client(s), completes a ton of research, recommends vendors, meets with vendors (as required), reviews contracts carefully, handles negotiations and ensures that everything goes smoothly on the day of the wedding as well as trouble shoot and problem solve any unexpected issues.

What qualities should I look for in a Wedding Planner?

Anyone can call themselves a wedding planner, therefore look for someone who has undergone professional training and who is qualified. In addition look for someone who is associated with a professional association such as The Wedding Planner Institute of Canada. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the person you choose, as you will be spending a lot of time together planning one of the most important days of your life. Important qualities to look out for are: professional, courteous, personable, organized and ability to multitask with ease, robust delegation skills and great problem solving skills just to name a few.

Can I afford a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner should be part of your overall budget and not an extra expense. In fact, A Touch of Grace Events loves being ‘cost creative’ and often will suggest alternative options which will help keep your budget flexible and on track. Planning a wedding is a costly event. You are spending thousands of dollars to host your family and friends. You should enjoy your wedding day to the fullest; after all you are the guests of honor. Hiring a planner/coordinator is PRICELESS. Wedding planners are an invaluable investment. Well, the truth is, you cannot afford not to. It is a risk to go into planning any significant event without a professional. Invest wisely in your wedding by ensuring that you are being well taken care of throughout the entire process so you can relax and end up with wonderful memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. I’ve done this before. I know the right people. I can hook you up, relieve your worries and oversee your wedding day efficiently and happily!

What if we’ve already started on some of the planning and/or hired some or all of our vendors? Do we still need to hire a planner?

Even if you have initiated some of the planning already, a wedding planner can definitely assist you with pulling together all the pieces of the puzzle and keep you on track leading up to and including the wedding day. The partial planning packages or the month-of-coordination packages are options for you to consider.

Do you charge an hourly rate, a flat rate or a percentage of my overall wedding budget?

A Touch of Grace Events has wedding packages available at a flat rate. However, I am also open to providing customized quotes if the wedding packages do not meet your specific needs. Each wedding is different and each quote that we provide is customized to your event. Prices are competitive and inclusive – there are no hidden costs. I realize that each couple’s needs, ideas, and personality are different. Your wedding is personal – your wedding planning and coordination package is personal too!  Factors considered are: the number of locations, what services you require, event size, number of vendors, how much set up / take down is required, as well as the overall logistics. Contact me today to set up your free initial consultation

My reception venue has a coordinator; do I still need to hire a wedding planner?

A venue coordinator works for the venue; their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your venue layout. They are someone you may contact if you need extra reassurance about the details of your wedding venue, however, their loyalty is to the venue. Their job does not include all the other details that go into planning your wedding.

A wedding planner, on the other hand, is usually involved from the very beginning of the planning process. Your wedding planner will handle each detail of your wedding from start to finish – everything from finding a venue and the appropriate vendors to actually being there on your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly and as planned. Having a wedding planner reduces the natural stress of planning a wedding that you can enjoy the entire process and have complete confidence that all the details are taken care of for you.

How much involvement will my planner have?

A Touch of Grace Events will be involved as much or as little as you want us to have! My involvement is a combination of the planning package you book as well as your personal preferences. Some clients will have every detail planned out and are just looking for a planner to execute their vision, and some clients want to sit back and let their planner take care of everything for their wedding day. I work with clients based on their needs and wants to help facilitate an amazing planning experience.

Will you bring an assistant to the event?

Yes! I will bring one assistant and sometimes two to help coordinate everything on the day of an event. Day-of coordination is best played as a team sport. One assistant’s time for day-of assistance is an included cost in the wedding packages. If a second or third assistant is necessary due to the size or complexity of your event needs, you will be notified before the event, and billed accordingly.

My family member/friend is going to help me plan the wedding. Do I still need a wedding planner?

Your wedding day is a very significant day. Your family and friends should be celebrating with you and living in each moment. Don’t have your invited guests/family members working on your wedding day when they should be celebrating with you. Let a planner work with you to handle all of the details instead – from overseeing setup to directing vendors, guests, and the wedding party- and let your friends and family enjoy the party as they merrily capture candid moments and pose for a picture or two with the bride and groom. Nevertheless, be rest assured that I will gladly work with any vendor, friend or family member you select for your special day.

What additional types of events do you service?

Anniversaries, Baby Showers / Milestones, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Corporate Events, Engagement Parties, Graduations, Holiday Parties.

What do you wish more people knew about wedding planners?

“Day of” planners do not exist. For everything to go smoothly on your wedding day, a planner has to work with a client for at least four to six weeks leading up to the event to make sure that all the vendors are on the same page. Also, a planner is not an event designer. My background is in planning and coordination, so I am not professionally trained in designing the aesthetics of the event. However, I can recommend event designers/decorators who can execute your design vision to create a dazzling event.

Grace Arhin Events sounds amazing, and I want to know more – What do I do if I have more questions?

I’d love to answer those questions for you. Please email  and I will answer your questions and get back to you as soon as I can. Also check out the Let’s Connect page for more information on how to get in touch with me.